About Us

Hello from the WhaleBets team

Hello from the WhaleBets team. We won’t disclose our names, but there is 3 of us and our nicknames are ICE, MEC and ECE.

We know math and stats!We know math and stats!

We have been in the betting business for over 15 years and as the name suggest we are dealing mostly with huge bets hence why keeping our anonymity. Prior to it, we were all colleagues in a financial institution. Simply said we are pretty good at math and statistics.

We recognize when a bet is to be made!We recognize when a bet is to be made!

Our mission is to help you improve, we will be giving you some of our daily bets but our idea is to teach you how to recognize when a bet is worthy of being made, to make you understand that gambling should not be part of your betting philosophy.

You must know the terrain!You must know the terrain!

We have provided reviews for the best bookmakers in the world so you can pick the one that will give you the best chances to win. You should definitely read our best betting sites section, where we are discussing ( the bookmakers by name with link ) in depth, giving you the pros and cons of betting there.

With us you can learn and win!With us you can learn and win!

We will give you a staking plan so you don’t go broke after your first couple of bad days. And on top of that, we will be giving you some fantasy football league advice.

All we post on WhaleBets site is free!All we post on WhaleBets site is free!

This is the first time ever we are going to be tipping people. It is all free and you can rest assured that you won’t better tipsters anywhere. We are in it to help you out and not to make money out of you, unlike most betting tipster.



The WhaleBets team wishes you all the luck in your bets.

Have a nice day!Have a nice day!