Asian Handicap Betting: Market types and how to profit from them

Asian handicap markets are one of the most popular and most preferred for betting strategies amongst punters. They can be either used as a sign “+”, as well as “-“. The most famous and most being bet on is Asian handicap for either sides of the event to win. Basically it means picking a game where there’s a clear favorite to win it, but the odds are not high enough. In this case, we bet on a -1.5 Asian handicap for this team. And if the team we picked wins with two or more goals, we win the bet as well.

If this is the strategy which you want to try, you could always do something else as well – make a so called “Insurance”, placing a bet on a -1 Asian handicap. In this case, if the team you bet on wins the game with just one goal difference, you get your stake back. But if the much expected happens and the better team wins with at least two goals difference, than you win the whole amount. It’s important to note that the amount of the stakes is not changing!

When you contemplate on using the match with Asian handicap, you should carefully pick the right game for that. Do not pick games where the difference in the quality between the two teams do not suggests at least two goals difference between them. In this case, research is crucial for your success. Research everything like form, overall class, qualities in attack and defense, head to head records, possible home ground advantage and everything else which could matter in this match.

Do not always rely just on the reputation or the name of the team you picked for the match with handicap. Remember that the names are not playing in football anymore and they are not enough to win a game in a comfortable manner. More important here is the current condition of the team and his current potential. You should also pay attention to the current condition of the so called “underdog”. If you notice that this team is improving, even if placed at the bottom of the league, it would be better to avoid placing a handicap bet against it.

Different types of Asian Handicap

As most of you already know, there are many types of Asian Handicap markets. In many bookmakers there are markets such as winners after 90 mins and goals, cards, corners etc. Asian Handicap with corners is extremely requested by bettors, because it offers possibilities for Over / Under and chance to return the money you have bet. Such bets can be made before the game or live during the match. Let’s say that there’s game where there are already three corners being executed. Imagine that it’s 35th minute of the first half. You place a bet on 4.0 Asian corners 1st half with the odds being around 1.90-2.00. If there is one more corner kick until the end of the first half, then you get your stake back. And if there’s more than one, then congratulations – you made a profit. It’s the same logic being valid for the second halves as well. If it’s 83th or 85th minute of a certain game, you make the same bet. You could at least get your stake back or make a profit, if you’re lucky enough.

Asian handicap cards

When placing a bet for Asian Handicap for cards, the situation is the same as with corners. Additionally to the standard options for Under / Over and possibilities being limited to just win or lose, Asian Handicap gives a third possibility as well – return of bet amount. Here is an example: you decide to bet on cards on the derby game between Real Madrid and Barcelona, where you could image there is going to be a lot of tension and possibly some cards. The option offered by the betting company is over/under 5.5 total match cards. If there are 5 or less cards, you lose and if there are 6 or more – you win. Asian Handicap option is giving you the chance to bet on over/under 5 cards in the game and if there are exactly 5 – you return your amount.

In the table below, WhaleBets experts had given you all possible outcomes of a different handicap. You will be able to get the idea easier and to get to know where you will be able to win and when to lose.

For easier navigation, please have in mind that the left half of the table are only the options in which the handicap is taken out of the result of the team (“-“) and in the right, the goal handicap is added to the result of the team (“+”).

HandicapTeam ResultsBet ResultsHandicapTeam ResultsBet Results
DrawLose halfDrawWin half
-0.75Win by 2+Win+0.75WinWin
Win by 1Win HalfDrawWin
DrawLoseLose by 1Lose half
LoseLoseLose by 2+Lose
-1.00Win by 2+Win+1.00WinWin
Win by 1RefundDrawWin
DrawLoseLose by 1Refund
LoseLoseLose by 2+Lose
-1.25Win by 2+Win+1.25WinWin
Win by 1Lose halfDrawWin
DrawLoseLose by 1Win half
LoseLoseLose by 2+Lose
-1.50Win by 2+Win+1.50WinWin
Win by 1LoseDrawWin
DrawLoseLose by 1Win
LoseLoseLose by 2+Lose
-1.75Win by 3+Win+1.75WinWin
Win by 2+Win halfDrawWin
Win by 1LoseLose by 1Win
DrawLoseLose by 2+Lose half
LoseLoseLose by 3+Lose
-2.00Win by 3+Win+2.00WinWin
Win by 2+RefundDrawWin
Win by 1LoseLose by 1Win
DrawLoseLose by 2+Refund
LoseLoseLose by 3+Lose


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