Win VIP Tickets, iPhones, and Other Great Prizes with 1xBet and the Champions League

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The entire world’s soccer community is enjoying some excellent action on the field at the moment with the Champions League in full swing. Top teams are fighting for glory in the last 16 round. It is going to be another nail biting time for players and fans alike.

1xBet players will also be on the edge of their seats as this top betting site has put together a magnificent promotion that will see their football betting fans walking away with unbelievable prizes.

Their latest offering encourages the betting public to take part in accumulating points to be able to win the prizes they are giving away. All players will need to do is support their favorite team, and make a correct prediction on as many game results as possible. This will result in points being earned, and accumulated throughout the remainder of the tournament. At the end of the final game all players points will be totalled and the bettors with the most points win the prizes.

How to Win:

  1. Register with 1xBet
  2. Go to the Promotions Page, and click “Take Part”
  3. Place bets on as many upcoming Champions League matches as you like
  4. Accumulate points
  5. Take part in the prize draw
  6. Red Hot Prizes Up for Grabs!


As with all 1xBet promotions you can be guaranteed of amazing rewards when taking part and this one is no different. 1xBet has made it so appealing that all 1xBet members, regardless of their sports preference, will want to be a part of it.

  • 1st place – 2 VIP tickets to the EURO 2020 finals, July 12th London (1 winner)
  • 2nd – 6th place – SONY PS4 PRO (5 winners)
  • 7th – 16th place – iPhone 11 Pro Max 64 Gb – (10 winners)

As if that wasn’t enough, a further 700+ bettors who have accumulated sufficient points to be near the top, will be able to share in 15 000 bonus points that are also available for prizes.

Register at 1xBet now so that you can get betting immediately. Don’t be left behind with too few points accumulated. Start today, and get ahead of the pack by correctly predicting game results. Keep your eye on the prize at 1xBet!

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