The Secrets Of Successful Sports Betting That Even Bookmakers Don’t Know


Gambling by nature is a money-risking task to fulfill. This is what sports betting does which has also greatly influenced every sports enthusiast all over the world. Sports betting has been a type of a profitable business that every bettor want to five because of the huge amount of money they can earn once their entry win in the said sports tournament.

Many bettors especially the expert ones come up with methods and strategies they think will work so that their betting will be successful. As a beginner is the sports betting industry, you may find this terrifying because you might end up losing. While this may be true, you need to understand that gambling and sports betting may have some strategies but not all the time these methods will work.

So, how should you make out the most of your bets? What are the best ways you can apply to make sure that you can get away with losing much and earning more than what you want to earn? In this article, we’d like to show you some betting tactics that even bookmakers don’t know to make sure that you perform a profitable sports betting.

Know All Angles In Your Sport

As you may have known that there are lots of sports betting show you can partake in the gambling industry. The most popular is the horse racing which gives you variations of odds and categories for betting that you can choose. Thus, it is important that you just don’t know what racing is all about, but you also have the understand how the sports work and how are the odds obtained by bookmakers.

Besides, the latest edition of the Triple Crown Series is underway and if you are planning to join this year’s’ edition of the famous horse racing show, you still have the chance to be successful in betting by knowing all the information of every odds. TVG Network Preakness History has the ability to show you the full details of the past odds of every entry which will definitely aid you in knowing every angle in this kind of sport.

Review Your Favorites

In sports betting, some experts say that loyalty won’t work at all. Yes, this is true especially that favorite odds do not usually follow a winning streak for a long time. This is why you have to be wise in checking the probability and statistics of your entries all the time as they may seem to change depending on the odds.

In the same manner, your favorite entries do may not have the same competitors and sometimes their qualities can’t match what their competitor can. In sports betting, it’s not bad to bet for your favorite’s challenger if you think he can do better. Clearly, it isn’t about loyalty but it’s always about earning a huge amount of money.

Shop Around And Don’t Stick With a Single Bookmaker

The betting business is a competitive sector and most of the time all bookmakers wanted to lure you making you feel that you should only bet for them and a single entry. While this may be true, in some cases your chance of earning may be hard because sometimes odds won’t stick to your favor.

That said, you need to shop around and look for some categories of betting where you can feel you will earn. Remember that no matter how convincing the odds are bookmakers generating, at the end of the day you will be the one to wage and your decision should be followed.

Include Fewer Sections

As mentioned, there are several categories of sports betting where you can wage and most of the time you are overwhelmed to lay your money to all categories. Remember that the more categories you place your bet, the lesser the amount of profit you will earn. This is the reason why you need to narrow your best selection.

Your ability to study every odds and their chances of winning will guide you in choosing fewer categories to bet. Once you master this and place a wage to a few categories, your chances of earning a huge profit will be a piece of cake.

Don’t Bet Using Your Heart

A lot of sports bettors especially the beginners tend to wage for the entry based on their gut feels. Admit it or not, just because you feel that team will win doesn’t mean you have to bet for them. This strategy will not work in gambling. Your feeling won’t help you at all instead it will give you a taste of your own medicine which is losing.

Bear in mind that there are numbers you can look at for a certain team or entry you would like to bet. Their numbers talk about their game history of how are they doing in the past. From this point of view, you have the ability to determine which entry you’d like to bet instead of just feeling them.

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Is there a way back for Maurizio Sarri in Chelsea?


After yet another disappointing defeat at the hands of Everton, Sarri’s position at Chelsea is again under big threat. How come it came to point where the Italian lost the dressing room, the backing of his own fans and the playing system is apparently simply not working. The so called “Sarri ball” came to crashing defeat and the heavy defeat against Manchester City was one of the lowest points Chelsea felled under the Roman Abramovich era. The owner have past experience in not committing to the under pressure managers and it’s up to be seen whether the Italian will keep his job after the International break.

Can we see Gianfranco Zola finishing the season and sitting all by himself at the dugout against Cardiff in the next Premierleague match. Not everything is lost for Chelsea though, the Blues are still in the Europa League and will face Slavia Prague at the ¼-Finals with prospect of reaching Semi Finals. In the league the 3 points deficit to 4th placed Arsenal is a small margin which can be overturn. But will Sarri still be in charge, it’s interesting to be seen?

Chelsea forward Pedro has opened up about the difficulties of playing under Maurizio Sarri and addressed the rumors of a player revolt after the humiliating defeat to Manchester City. “All the team follows the idea of Maurizio: press really high, stay compact, and to create chances. With good possession, a lot of the ball. We can do this as a team,” Pedro explained, as per The Independent.” But sometimes it’s so difficult to play in this way. It depends upon the opponents. City played very well, so it was so difficult to press, to create between the lines and to defend.” But it’s Maurizio’s idea, and I prefer to press high when we recover the ball to create chances, not to wait for 90 minutes to recover the ball and run 60 meters to score the goal.

Can we see Gianfranco Zola finishing the season

“In the last few games it’s not been in very good condition for the results. Now is a good opportunity tomorrow to win and get our best confidence.”
“I think it is always difficult for every manager when you arrive with good motivation and ambition,” Pedro said. “It’s not just in the Chelsea dressing-room. For all coaches, it’s difficult. “It’s not good for [Sarri] and the team because the results have not been good, but it’s good for us to change this dynamic now [in the Europa League].”

Chelsea defender David Luiz has revealed Maurizio Sarri has confronted his players over the toxic atmosphere in the dressing room. But the Brazil international insists the Italian coach has the backing of Blues players despite poor results as, when challenged, none of them voiced any concerns. Luiz concedes his side were outplayed by City in every aspect, but insists Chelsea are still a work in progress and that a bright future lays ahead of the club. He added: “We lost against maybe the best team in the world at the moment in Manchester City. They were better than us from the beginning to the end. We lost a few matches because it is part of the process. The teams that are at the top of the table now are ones with managers who have been there for more than three years.”

Chelsea defender David Luiz has revealed Maurizio Sarri

“There is a big difference when you have already understood everything, it is much easier to play football. I think we are in the right way to still improve to become a fantastic team.” They were better than us from the beginning to the end. We lost a few matches because it is part of the process. The teams that are at the top of the table now are ones with managers who have been there for more than three years. “There is a big difference when you have already understood everything, it is much easier to play football. I think we are in the right way to still improve to become a fantastic team.”

The bigger picture for Chelsea is beyond this season. Regardless of the fact whether the Blues are going to qualify for the UEFA Champions League – via the league or via Europa League, Chelsea must reconsider their transfer policy. Having said that, no manager before Sarri stamped his authority on deals and Chelsea loaned too many players that could have been handful for them. The fact that the FA changed the rules for loaning players because of Chelsea speaks its own story. With transfer ban about to come in and the likes of Hazard, William and Hudson-Odoi wanting out, the bigger battle and important decisions must be taken by the Blues hierarchy sooner or later.

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Accumulator picks for the Weekend (8th, 9th 10th March)


We are approaching that part of the season where titles are won, relegation avoided or submitted to and European places clinched. In much the same way as with the great cup cliché, it is also a time when form goes out the window. Clubs who seemingly appeared invincible before Christmas suddenly drop more points than an inebriated juggler. Teams who could not buy a point embark on back to back victories. It is a time when punters need to be aware, as current form often pays a lot bigger role than position in the table, or form over the whole season. As a result though, if you do your homework, and look below the surface, there is definitely value to be found.


Where to find the value

First of all, you have come to the right place. We have daily tips, as well as a plethora of other betting knowledge and strategies. But you can never have too much information. One often neglected place to get betting tips is straight from the horse’s mouth – many bookmakers offer accumulator tips every week. It is also important to get a rounded knowledge of the sport you are going to invest your money in. Not just the injury situation or the last six games, scratch beneath the surface, see what is really going on with these clubs, managers and players. A couple of good examples of that will be featured later on in this article.


Draws and Both Teams to Score

Picking a draw can be the hardest outcome to predict, but you will be suitably rewarded and sometimes a draw just seems nailed on. You can water the bet down slightly and hedge your bets by going down the both teams to score route. It gives you a little leeway, and the odds are still enticing.

Looking at the fixtures there are several games that jump out that fit into one if not both categories.

Huddersfield v Bournemouth

Huddersfield are all but down but are at long last showing some fight under new boss Jan Siewert. Bournemouth appear to have done enough to secure their EPL status for another season, but have not been great of late. Huddersfield need to win, and will more than likely sacrifice their defensive mindset in the search of all 3 points. Bournemouth have the players to exploit that.

Cardiff v West Ham

Almost a carbon copy of the game above. Cardiff have shown they can finally find the opposition’s net, but they will find it incredibly hard to keep West Ham out for the full 90 minutes.

Arsenal v Manchester United

The Gunners look a top two team at home, it is their away form that has let them down. What Solskjaer has achieved at Old Trafford is nothing short of remarkable. Both sides are looking for that 4th place, and know that out scoring the opposition is their easiest way of achieving that.

Other games that stand out are Newcastle v Everton, Derby v Sheff Wed, Bristol City v Leeds, and as an outsider – Leicester v Fulham. The Friday night Championship game between Norwich and Swansea is likely to see goals from both teams but a home win is the likely result.


Two Stories Behind the Games

Roy Hodgson will try to keep a cap on emotions


The weekend throws up two intriguing stories that you may not be aware of if you aren’t fully immersed in English football. The recent history of Blackpool has been one of high drama and high courts. Their fans have boycotted their games for several years, refusing to put another penny into the pockets of controversial owner Owen Oyston. Last week he was finally forced out, replaced with a board that included supporter representation. It is the day that every Blackpool fan – a team who graced the EPL not that long ago don’t forget – has been dreaming of for years. Their home game against Southend is the first game at Bloomfield Road since the boycott will have been lifted. Expect a party atmosphere, a near full house, and a resulting three points that should be easier than the odds suggest.

Finally there is the derby with perhaps the worst name, but nevertheless a ferocious rivalry. The so-called M23 derby between Crystal Palace and Brighton has been incident packed in recent years, on and off the pitch. With both teams still very much fighting for their EPL lives, at least 1 red card is probably the most prudent bet.


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Champions League is back, and there are plenty of reasons to be excited! (Part 2)

Champions League - Last 8 - 1st Legs 2-3 April 2018

After witnessing the first 4 games of the Knockout phase of the UEFA Champions League and watching the blockbuster clashes, including Paris impressive display and win at Old Trafford, Spurs winning big against Dortmund in the dying moments of their Wembley clash, VAR being in the center of the controversial match between current holders Real and Ajax and Roma overcoming FC Porto in their first clash in Italy.

Interested in what was our preview of the Part 01 of the games – take a look at UEFA Champions League blog post here.

Now we look at the second part games, which includes the return of Cristiano to Madrid and Liverpool entertaining German super power Bayern Munich.


Lyon vs Barcelona

Lyon will host one of the favorites in this year’s tournament and will be looking to get a good result before the return leg in Spain a fortnight ahead. Talismanic Lyon captain Nabil Fekir is suspended and the French side must cope with his absence and they are yet to win against the Catalan side in their all 6 attempts.

Lyon vs Barcelona

Barcelona meanwhile are leading the way domestically, have 2 upcoming matches against Real both in La Liga and Copa del Rey, now they would like to gain advantage early on in their tie with Lyon. When they last met in 2008/2009 in Round 16, Barcelona won 6-3 on aggregate. Former Lyon favorite Umtiti is recovering from injury and will travel with the side.

Liverpool vs Bayern

When German and English clubs meet, the show is guaranteed. In one of the blockbusters of the round, Jurgen Klopp Liverpool meet Bayern at Anfield in what appears to be in another European classic night under the floodlights.

Liverpool vs Bayern

Liverpool’s main concern before the match will be the defensive crisis and the suspension of Virgil Van Dijk which adds to the injuries of Joe Gomez, Dejan Lovren. Fabinho may have to shift to defense and Liverpool certainly would like to repeat their famous run from last year. Jurgen Klopp will return to his rivalry with Bayern, previously managed Dortmund in their final lost in 2013.

The German side will be without Frank Ribery, Jerome Boateng and suspended Muller. Given the depth in the Bayern squad, this will not be a huge problem for Niko Kovac and his staff. This year’s top scorer Robert Lewandowski will be adding to his goal tally and the clash between him and Matip could become vital for this clash as a whole.


Atletico Madrid vs Juventus

Atletico are unbeaten in 9 against Italian sides and will be hoping to add to this record. This task will not be easy, knowing that Cristiano Ronaldo and the ambitious Juventus return to town. Both teams enjoyed great success in the Champions League recently without winning the trophy, so this could be their year.

Atletico Madrid vs Juventus

Both sides have reached the final twice in the past five seasons, Atlético losing to neighbours Real Madrid in 2014 and 2016 whereas Juve were beaten by Barcelona in 2015 and Real Madrid two years later. History is not on Juventus side, as the Italians were eliminated from Spanish teams last 2 seasons.

The sides were paired together in the 2014/15 UEFA Champions League group stage, when an Arda Turan goal gave Atlético a 1-0 win at their former home, the Vicente Calderón. Current Juve striker Mario Mandžukić was in the Atlético side, as were Diego Godín, Juanfran, Koke, Saúl Ñíguez and substitute Antoine Griezmann with Jan Oblak and José María Giménez unused replacements; Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci played for Juventus.

The second game in Turin ended goalless, a result that meant Atlético finished first in the section and Juve second, though it was the Italian side that went on to reach that season’s final.

Having Ronaldo on their ranks, certainly would make the match a very tense affair and surely Ronaldo will be targeted by the Atletico players.


Schalke vs Man City

In the last match of the Round 16 of the UEFA Champions League, the German side Schalke entertain the English champions Manchester City. Pep Guardiola‘s side are absolute favorites and everything different from a win in their match is going to be considered as a surprise.

Schalke’s last three UEFA Champions League campaigns have all ended in the round of 16 and they will be keen to make the most of home advantage as they welcome City for the first leg of their latest knockout tie.

The German club reached the semi-finals in 2010/11, but have not been past the round of 16 in three attempts since. Schalke qualified for this season’s knockout stages by finishing second to Porto in Group D.

Schalke vs Man City

The winners of Group F in the autumn, Manchester City are in the knockout stages for the sixth year in a row, and have won two of their last three round of 16 ties. In 2017/18 they went on to the quarter-finals, where they lost to fellow English side Liverpool.

The Germans are not so impressive in their matches since beginning of 2019 and have only 1 win against Wolfsburg, City in parallel are cruising in the league and are progressing through domestic cups with upcoming Carabao Cup final against Chelsea on the forthcoming Sunday.

Do not forget to follow our latest blog post on Europa League, Man United’s revival and many more interesting reads.

If you like to benefit from your knowledge, go through the strategies offered by our betting experts to turn it into fortune and bust the bookies!

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UEFA Europa League is back with a bang and the road to Baku starts here!

League Europa

The wait for the restart of the Europe’s second most prestigious tournament is over. The 32 teams will fight to reach this year’s final.
It will be played at the Olympic Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan on 29 May 2019. Starting from this season, the Europa League final will be played in the same week as the Champions League final.
This is the 48th edition and the 10th after it’s rename to Europa League.


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Champions League is back, and there are plenty of reasons to be excited!

Uefa Champions League - Quarter Finals - Second Legs - 10 April 2018

European’s most exquisite and most opulent football club competition is back with a bang, and several blockbuster clashes will keep football fans on their toes as ever! What the draw made for us – head to our blog post for the draw. Will Real’s record is broken anywhere soon or can an English club step their dominance over Europe be granted? Maybe Cristiano and his new club can be amongst Europe’s elite; all these questions can be answered in a couple of weeks. We are starting with the first portion of 4 games which are going to be played in the week 12-13 February.


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Die Bundesliga is back!

Die Bundesliga is back

German football elite division is coming back this weekend after the winter break in which the clubs took time off and recharged batteries. While in England, Spain and Italy the significant teams were playing during the festive season, the Germans went camping and planned the second part of the season. WhaleBets looks forward to the five things we can expect and cannot wait to see what will bring to many of us – Bundesliga fans from around the world!


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What has Ole Gunnar Solskjær changed at Manchester United?

What has Ole Gunnar Solskjaer changed at Manchester United

When Jose Mourinho finally left after the derby defeat against Liverpool, many Man United fans were left with a taste of relief. The writing was on the wall for the Portuguese manager since a couple of months of, and it was probably only a matter of time. The reasons behind his sacking could be various and almost every United fan across the globe could give his list. Strangely or not, Manchester United managing bodies could also be blamed for the situation most successful English club currently is at. Jose received a contract extension last season even when some worrying signs were there to be seen. We looked what went wrong for Mourinho this season and what was the instant things which Solskjær changed. The subject whether the Norwegian should remain beyond this season is somewhat unclear and most importantly what would be the other options available – Pochettino, Zidane, someone else?

The big tests for the new regime at United are only coming – Spurs in the league and ambition to enter the Top 4, PSG at the Champions League in February and the domestic cup. Maybe some of this will be sacrificed, or maybe Ole Gunnar will go for all of them. Many things remain to be seen, but the start is somewhat promising, and United’s style of play bring back joy to their fans at last.

Players confidence


Jose famously fell out with some of his high profile players and was caught on various occasions being on opposite opinion with them. You could argue that this is possible and could happen to anyone at any club, but whether this must occur in public remains questionable. Jose decided to go and attack players openly in his post-match interviews shattering the confidence of Luke Shaw, Anthony Martial, Fred and almost everyone from his squad. The answer to the question for players’ confidence: Why do some teams excel under certain managers? Why does the same employee perform differently under different managers or at different points in his career? Jose lost the dressing room and eventually lost his job.

During his first five games in charge, Ole Gunnar Solskjær seems to inspire the squad and players such as Pogba, Lukaku, Suarez and the defence looks different and much more inspired. The freedom and the spirit Paul Pogba is playing is with, really makes you wonder if this the same player? The Norwegian lifted the spirits. But since Solskjær has come in Old Trafford appears to be a much happier place. He made an effort to congratulate almost each of his players, hugged them and praised them after each match, reminding us more to Jurgen Klopp than to Jose. The Portuguese approached “me vs the world” and often went to war of words with the media, opposing managers or players, but in the opposing side often he included his players. That, as previously mentioned, cost him his job.

lukake ole

Negative tactics – Attacking display

united v bournemouth

Jose was often accused of playing so defensively and result oriented. Yes, he got his enormous trophy room with Chelsea, Inter, Real and Porto, but many of the cups were won with brilliant tactics based on great defensive displays. Porto’s surprising Champions League win put Mourinho on the cover page of European football, but has the Special One improved from back then? Has he adapted his style of play to today’s game? With the influx of Mancini, Conte and Guardiola, even the old 4-4-2 was dumped for more modern looking 3-5-2 with wing-backs, and many dinosaurs of the English game adapted this display. Even Mourinho tried playing with wing-backs such as Young, Valencia, Darmian and Shaw. The number of games when United took the lead and then dropped back were so many that it will be difficult to name them all. In the first five games United played under Solskjaer, the team didn’t stop attacking. Even when they were leading, the substitutions were attacking oriented, and the Norwegian put out players on similar or more attacking positions.

One man who has benefited immensely from the Norwegian’s positive approach is Marcus Rashford, who is looking an absolute world-beater at the moment. The youngster has netted two in three under Solskjær but has been involved in every productive thing United have done going forward. His assist for Pogba’s opener against Bournemouth was Lionel Messi-esque, and he’s certainly enjoying expressing himself as his manager asked.

Mike Phelan and bringing back Sir Alex Ferguson’s values

sir alex & phelan

When it was announced that Mike Phelan is going to be part of the Norwegian’s staff team, everyone was pleased that a familiar face from Sir Alex’s time is returning to Old Trafford. The importance of the assistant should not be underestimated, and United benefited from a person who worked closely to Ferguson over the years. The authority he is putting to all the players could be a massive boost to Ole Gunnar and the rest of his team.

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The 12 football picks of 2018 by WhaleBets

the 12 football picks of 2018 by whalebets

2018 had everything in the football world – World Cup, Champions League final with everything, Europa League with heroes and villains, Arsene Wenger retiring, Mourinho sacked by Manchester United, Mbappe shining and many many more. Take a look at what the WhaleBets team picked from the past 12 months in what was a tremendous footballing year!

12. Virgil Van Dijk’s transfer to Liverpool

Liverpool announced early in January 2018 that they’ve reached an agreement with Southampton over the record transfer of the Dutch centre-back Virgil Van Dijk. This certainly raised a few eyebrows, and many criticized Klopp for overspending, but the impactVirgil had on Liverpool was clear – he helped the team reaching the Champions League final, began the 2018-2019 season in a commanding style by being top of the Premierleague at the end of 2018 and some impressive figures: Before his first game, Liverpool conceded 1.2 goals per game and kept a clean sheet in just 32% of their games. Since they signed him that goals per game figure has dropped to just 0.5 and have kept clean sheets in 57% of matches.

12 virgil

11. Lopetegui’s exits

Julen Lopetegui surprised everyone after he publicly joined Real Madrid just one day before the World Cup. He had guided his Spain and impressed over the qualifying stage, but he decided to accept Real Madrid’s offer to replace Zinedine Zidane. We will not argue with his decision, although he might have informed his current employers from the Spanish FA. The Spanish chiefs decided to fire Lopetegui and put Fernando Hierro in charge just 1 day before the World Cup. Spain never made it there and failed to impress. Lopetegui’s reign at European champions Real was cut short after a poor start of the season – so it turned out bad for all sides involved – Spain, Lopetegui and Real Madrid.

11 lopetegui

10. Ronaldo and Messi records which are not broken (yet)

In yet another year dominated by Cristiano and Leo Messi, the pair managed to break another number of records, but what is interesting is what remained to be done by the pair in 2019. Cristiano moved to Juventus and became integral figure straight away.

– Champions League Final goals

Di Stefano and Puskas have 7 goals each for the legendary Real Madrid side, Messi (2) and Cristiano (4) must improve if they want to reach records.

– UEFA competition appearances

Iker Casillas has 184 apps in all UEFA competitions, and both Ronaldo and Messi could surpass the legendary Spanish goalkeeper – with 129 and 109 respectively.

– Goals in most UEFA Champions League consecutive seasons

The current record is being held by Ryan Giggs – 16 seasons in a row. Messi scored in 14 successive campaigns and Ronaldo scored in his last 14 – and 14 in total. Both can thus match Giggs’ tally in 2020/21.

10 ronaldo & messi

9. Manchester City 100+ points season

Pep Guardiola’s side impressed in the 2017-2018 season, and Manchester City won the title easily with a bunch of records being broken. Gabriel Jesus scored in the final minute of the last game of the season away at Southampton to make it – 106 goals scored, 32 wins out of 38 games, positive goal difference +79. Talk about the dominant title win!

9 jesus city

8. Germany woes at the World Cup

Joachim Low kept his place in charge of the German National football team despite early World Cup exit in the group stages. The defeats against Mexico and South Korea was one of the highlights of the tournament, and many who picked Germany for the title was disappointed that their pick failed to reach the knockout stages. Leroy Sane was the questionable decision by Low to leave out the Man City winger. The Germans lacked goals and threats in attack and the likes of Muller, Werner certainly had a tournament to forget. So could Low and the Germans win the fans back?

8 ger

7. Roma comeback against Barcelona

Kostas Manolas completed one of the greatest comebacks in the history of Champions League by nodding a header from a corner. The Spanish giants went ahead comfortably after the first leg – winning 4-1 and holding a pole position before the 2nd leg. Goals by Edin Dzeko and Danielle De Rossi gave the Italians the hope of a miracle, and that happened when their Greek centre-back scored the winning goal. The crowd at Olimpico erupted after the final whistle and history were written. Roma then failed to overcame Liverpool at the semis, but the memory of a famous comeback will remain forever.

7 manolas

6. Wenger leaving Arsenal

It was a moment everyone expected for numerous years, but a moment no one was prepared for. Even biggest Wenger critics had tears in their eyes at Wenger last games in which the Frenchman said goodbye to the Gunners after building his dynasty in North London. The Invincibles record might not be broken, so Wenger and his team will remain in English Football history.

6 arsene

5. Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus

After winning everything with Real Madrid and breaking all goalscoring records (almost), the Portugal star decided it’s time to leave. Ronaldo won 3 times in a row the Champions League, and with a Manchester United success earlier in his career, the chance to win the most prestigious club competition with a 3rd different club was enough challenging for the star. On the way to securing the trophy Real eliminated Juve and Ronaldo scored one of the goals of the year – a stunning bicycle kick which was applauded by the Italians fans. Four months later, the Portugal star is bossing the Serie A.

5 ronaldo

4. England at the World Cup (including winning on penalties!)

Gareth Southgate got the nation united, and the young 3 Lions made fans dreaming. It’s coming home became yet again a hit over the summer when Harry Kane & Co. reached the semi-finals only to lose to Croatia. The likes of Pickford, Trippier and Harry Maguire will remain in England folklore after their heroics in Russia. The one particular highlight was that England won a game on penalties on World Cup. If we see that last penalty kick win was in 1996 against Spain, we can expect England to win again on penalties in 2040. Worth the wait?

4 england

3. Karius woes and Real Madrid winning 3rd Champions League in a row

It was just not meant to be for Loris Karius and Liverpool and that night in Kyiv. Liverpool reached their first Champions League final since 2007 and Jurgen Klopp side looked optimistic about their chances against Real Madrid. Karius made errors that might hunt him till the rest of his career, Gareth Bale score a spectacular goal and the match had everything. The highlight was Mohamed Salah getting injured after a clash with Real Madrid villain Sergio Ramos. Was it intentional or not – one of the biggest debates of the year.

3 karius

2. VAR

The VAR was introduced in the World Cup, and the whole world watched whether this would improve the game we all love. Referees mistakes cost hundreds of times a win to all our beloved clubs, but did VAR provided us with an answer? VAR has had a mixed time in Russia, then, but that was always going to be the case given this is the first World Cup in which the system has been used. The news that the technology is going to be used in the Champions League and Premierleague is good for everyone supporting it, and it might change football for good.

2 var

1. France at the World Cup

Didier Deschamp’s side impressed and won the World Cup in a really spectacular manner. Led by one of the greatest footballing generations of football, Les Blues marched their way into winning the cup. Kylian Mbappe certainly impressed the most. The first teenager since Pele to score twice in a World Cup game. The first teenager since Pele to score in a World Cup final. Won the trophy that has eluded Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo was at the hands of the Paris SG star player. How far can France go from nowon? We will wait and see.

1 france

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