How Does Anothertwistafate’s Destiny In The 2019 Preakness Stakes Look Like?

How Does Anothertwistafate’s Destiny In The 2019 Preakness Stakes Look Like
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On May 18, 2019, the race track of Pimlico Park will open once again to pave a way for three-year-old thoroughbred racers to compete in the Grade 1 Stakes category. The Preakness Stakes will commemorate its 144th edition showcasing the best of the best colts found across the country.

Also, with the recent conclusion of the controversial edition of the Kentucky Derby this year, a lot of horse racers are in doubt joining the Preakness Stakes. While this may be true, the case of giving up and backing out is not an option for Anothertwistafate. This colt had made him the biggest decision to bypass the Kentucky Derby in order to prepare well for the upcoming Preakness Stakes on the 18th of May.

In fact, it was a hard decision for his trainer, Blaine Wright, not to include him in the derby. According to him, Anothertwistafate earned not points to secure an entry in the “Run for the Roses” that’s why he decided to join the derby. He also mentioned that if he did and wage so much money for him they might end up very bad; thus, it might not be a good deal for them as well as for the colt. He also added that the Preakness Stakes will be the best venue for the colt to show off his skills as he had the longest time to prepare before the Preakness racing showdown comes. In that way, he will secure a  good condition and emotion to make sure that he will place or win the Preakness crown, his trainer added.

Talking about his ability to run in the Preakness Stakes, Anothertwistafate has won several titles in different prep racing races if you look back to his racing form and wagering information. He had won three straight times against Golden Gate’s synthetic, and a very dominant win in El Camino Real Derby. He placed second in Sunland Derby after Cutting Humor edged him in few lengths. His jockey, Juan Hernandez was the one responsible to make it possible for Anothertwistafate to be victorious.

Aside from the fact that Anothertwistafate is fully set and ready to take part in the upcoming Preakness Stakes, the competition in Pimlico Park this May 18 is not going to be easy for him. He will be facing his rival like Sueno which he faced in Lexington along with Owendale. He will also face tougher entries this year like Signalman and Alwaysmining. Truly, it will be an amazing horse racing showdown to look forward as the Preakness comes to its nearing date.

According to some fans of Anothertwistafate, it was a bright decision for his trainer to bypass the Kentucky Derby as they might end up losing the game. Some fans even say that he will be a great player this year who will bring in a lot of challenge to all entries. Also, if they choose to head on to the derby and end up very bad, they might not be able to join the Preakness Stakes, some fans added.

Anothetwistafate is a sure bet when it comes to wagering. In his latest odds, he placed 11th in the last review list of contenders. Despite the fact that he stands in this place, he is one of the non-Kentucky Derby racers who you should keep an eye in the betting game. Be reminded that there are various categories of the betting game you can dive in the Preakness Stakes and to include this colt deems a profitable betting for you.

By the way, the Preakness Stakes in the middle jewel of the Triple Crown Series which also holds the record of having the shortest race course. Unfortunately this year, there might no Triple Crown winner as the controversial winners of the recently concluded derby might not be able to take part in the Preakness Stakes. Although the entry of 2019 Kentucky Derby winner Country House is not yet confirmed, reports are showing that he is ill and might have no chance of running in Pimlico Park.

Additionally, Blaine Wright hasn’t decided yet as to who’s going to be the jockey that will saddle for Anothertwistafate. According to him, he’ll announce the name of the jockey few days before the Preakness racing starts. He also added that he might need ample time in choosing the right jockey because this year’s Preakness Stakes is not an easy task to fulfill.

A lot of fans are waiting what’s going to happen in this year’s “Run for the Black-Eyed Susans”. Despite the fact the Kentucky Derby undergone it’s first ever controversy this year, the Preakness Stakes is looking forward to sealing a convincing and dominating winner this year. Hence, with Anothertwistafate joining the lineup of Preakness entries this year, surely this will entail a more exciting edition of the Preakness Stakes racing season.