How to place a Trixie bet

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Systematic bets are very popular amongst punters in the bookies companies. In many of them like the Trixie bet, Yankee, Heinz or any other it is not necessary to win every single bet in your selection to guarantee profit. Systematic bets give a significant advantage compared to the accumulator type of bets, simply because they are covering big part of the risk and the possibility to win in them is considerably bigger!

What is a Trixie bet

Trixie bet is a popular and preferred system for betting. It consist of 3 selections in 4 wagers – three doubles and one triple). Trixie is a full cover bet, which only looks at multiples and doesn’t includes single bets. In such systematic bets which are Trixie it is not necessary to guess right all events in your wager in order to get a win. You will get familiar with the possibilities in which by using Trixie bets you can get a heft bounties.

How to place a Trixie bet

In order to understand better how does the systematic bet functions, please have a look at the example we are giving below.

We are choosing the three events we are considering involving in the Trixie systematic bet.

  1. Selection 1 – Bournemouth vs Burnley – X -3.60
    Selection 2 – Huddersfield vs Leicester – 2 – 1.61
    Selection 3 – Newcastle vs Crystal Palace – Over 2.5 Goals – 2.20
  2. You must go to the betting slip and click on the “multiple bet option” button
  3. Mark the field ’Trixie“in order to activate the system.
  4. Place the value of your bet
  5. Make your bet
    We consider the best place to use the Trixie bet to be the 22Bet (affiliate link)

Trixie bet

When we could win via the Trixie bet

As we mentioned earlier, Trixie bet is a multiple bet option similar to the system patent (link). The major difference being that Trixie bet do not cover not even one single bet, so in order to guarantee a win you must get at least 2 winners out of 3 selections.

Using the Trixie bet we are actually making 4 bets on the chosen by us 3 selections:

  • Bet 1 – selection 1 and selection 2 (double)
  • Bet 2 – Selection 1 and selection 3 (double)
  • Bet 3 – Selection 2 and selection 3 (double)
  • Bet 4 – selection 1, selection 2 and selection 3 (treble)

Here are the possible outcomes:

  • Outcome 1 – You don’t get right not a single event from the chosen three – the wager is lost and we are not getting anything from the bet.
  • Outcome 2 – You get only one of the three events. In this case you will not get anything in and lose your bet either.
  • Outcome 3 – You get two out of three selections giving a winning double. We are guaranteeing ourselves a return of the bet amount and we are getting a profit which is calculated by the following formula:

    ( total stake / 4 ) x (( Winning Selection 1 odd x Winning Selection 2 odd ) – 1) – ( total stake / 4 ) x 3

  • Outcome 4 – You are guessing right all 3 selections of your betting slip. In this case the profit is the biggest as we are winning all three doubles and one treble. If we take the odds from the above given example: Selection 1 – odd 3.60, Selection 2 – odd 1.61, Selection 3 – odd 2.20 and we decide to place a 10 euro bet, we will have total amount of the win – 40 euro and calculated by the following formula:

    10 x (3.60 x 1.61) + 10 x (3.60 x 2.20) + 10 x (1.61 x 2.20) + 10 x (3.60 x 1.61 x 2.20) – 40 = +260 Euro Profit

If you want to learn more about other interesting styles of bets and to increase your success rate and profitability, please follow our Strategies posts and column. We are starting a series of educational articles and we do hope that this will help you build your own style of play. The WhaleBets team wishes you luck and like we always say: Let’s bust the bookies!